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Sweet potato, the new superfood

Es uno de los tubérculos más desconocidos. Sin embargo, su diversificación en la cocina como producto saludable es la responsable del auge que está viviendo tanto a nivel productivo como de consumo.


Known for its productions of carrot and potato, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) we find today a growing crop: the sweet potato. For the Frusana cooperative, it has already become its main product, with more than 20,600 tons last season. “Of our 700 hectares, 500 correspond to sweet potatoes and everything makes us think that we will continue growing”, explains Juan Manuel Rodríguez, president of Frusana. “With the volume we have, we can consider ourselves the largest sweet potato producer in Europe”.

The bet for this crop responds to the increase in demand that there is in the continent today. “There is a great growth potential, especially since the benefits of this product for health are becoming known and its culinary uses are diversifying”, Rodríguez argues.
Aware of the potential of sweet potato, Frusana is carrying out strong investments in the field and in its center. Regarding the cultivation, in addition to the traditional varieties California, Beaurregard and Georgia Jets, tests with a new material, Orleans, to adapt to the demands of new consumers.
On the other hand, they are investing in specific facilities for this crop, with a large-capacity dryer, which will allow them to extend commercialization beyond December, the date when the harvest ends.

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