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“We must work on diversification and increase the value of production”. ANECOOP

Para Anecoop, los cítricos españoles deben apostar por la diferenciación frente a otros orígenes y, en esta línea, trabaja en el desarrollo de productos que respondan a nuevos tipos de consumo.


The last was a “deceptive” campaign for citrus fruits, as defined by Nacho Juárez, sales manager of this product in Anecoop. Despite the positive overall balance, the truth is that it was due to a lower production that was absorbed by an expanding market. But this was just an illusion and, in fact, the national citrus sector deals with new challenges to strengthen its position in the markets.
Competitiveness in the northern hemisphere continues intensifying. Egypt produces on the same dates as Spain, Turkey gains ground in the Middle East and Russia, and Morocco is improving its offer. Spain, on the other hand, plays with the advantage of having a “semi-domestic market” in Europe, especially in pre-packaged and distributed to the consumer in a sales unit, but even in these products it begins to suffer ‘attacks’ from other origins.
Juarez is clear: the national productive calendar must be modified supporting late varieties and “working on diversification and increasing the value of production”. Anecoop is a renewal process, researching and collaborating with its partners to develop new products that respond to different types of consumption.

And China?
Asian market continues to be more than attractive, and China is the ‘kingdom’ to conquer. Currently, the horizon is clearer for Spain, which sees how politics and bureaucracy can close the market door to this California citrus. “This is going to be an opportunity for Spanish oranges,” he concludes.

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