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Sustainable crops that add more value to production

Naturcrex lleva más de 60 años comercializando y produciendo fruta de hueso con una imagen de marca reconocible y un crecimiento continuado.


In such a competitive market as that of stone fruit, many enterprises choose to differentiate themselves by performing agriculture that respects the environment and causes minimum impact on it. As General Director Salvador Álvarez confirmed, in Naturcrex, the whole fruit production ‘is certified as integrated production. Besides, we use techniques of biological pest control and active substances that affect less the beneficial auxiliary fauna of fruit trees.’ Consumers demand more natural products and distribution finds additional guarantee of that in Naturcrex. The mentioned elements come together with the firm’s efforts to have the most advanced after-harvest technology by investing in training and infrastructures.
Pioneering exports to China
Naturcrex was ‘one of the first ones to turn its sight to the Chinese market’. They shipped their first batches to China last season and, although they appreciate the experience, that target market is a tough one, as they are very strict about the quality of the imported fruit. The company considers that ‘every market is interesting, depending of each season’s circumstances. What we try to do is remaining stable in all our commercial relations.’


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