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Better flavour and productivity to satisfy berries demand

SAT Royal se distingue en buscar frutas singulares, que se adapten al gusto de los consumidores y que respeten el entorno donde se producen trabajando de un modo sostenible.


’The improvement of consumers’ welfare and quality of life must be parallel to environmental concern and restoration at producer sites.’ Thus firmly speaks José Gandía, chair to SAT Royal, when asked about the philosophy involved in their berry production. A way to understand development and progress that has resulted in this businessperson being acknowledged with the 9th Simón de Rojas Clemente award, an accolade conceded every year by ABC and the Caja Rural del Sur foundation to highlight the most relevant players in Andalusian agriculture. The award values their long track of expertise banking on sustainable production of berries and stone fruits, by using the available technologies and means.
The result is berries of intense flavour and excellent qualities that are much appreciated in international markets. This is due, among other factors, to the planning that SAT Royal carries out depending on the demand in European supermarkets, in order to guarantee the a successful season.

An excellent berry season
The situation is different this year and the season is yielding good quality so far. According to José Gandía, the weather is favouring the crop, and the fruit and prices are quite good.
Regarding strawberry, José Gandía affirms that ‘something is changing in the sector and the emergence of varieties developed in Huelva, with nice flavour, quality, and good after-harvest behaviour to ensure the best conditions during and after haulage, will give strawberry its position in international markets back. To José Gandía, un Europe, ‘Spanish strawberry is a commodity in winter, while they wait for their own productions.’ That is why we must keep working to improve quality and shift that trend.
The season is also marked by the increase in raspberry and blueberry farmland and production. According to Gandía, ‘the case of raspberry is extraordinary, as it went from being a practically residual crop to be one of the most growing berries.’ SAT Royal markets the whole package of berries, as it is what the markets demand, always aiming at top quality and environmental respect in where they carry out their work as a basic principle of sustainable business growth

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