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Citrus fruits with proper name to make the sector profitable. COOP CARLET

Coop Carlet, que se especializó en kaki para diversificar sus producciones, también apuesta por los cítricos con valor añadido.


The manager knows that the citrus sector must work to differentiate itself, if it wants to put in value its quality facing the competition of third countries. “We are convinced, he says, that despite the fact that distribution forces its brands, it is important to position a brand of its own, being a guarantee of quality, and helping the company to make itself known”. In addition, Climent does not see alternative, but to be more competitive also at the price level, “but above all we must use all the advantages we have regarding those origins”, in relation to third countries. And highlights aspects such as proximity, food safety, labor and social guarantees and service capacity to “differentiate from the rest”.

After the success achieved with the promotion of the consumption of kaki, with instruments such as the creation of denominations of origin, own brands and advertising, the manager of the cooperative proposes to transfer these same initiatives to citrus. In Kaki, the Cooperative exports to more than 30 countries. North America and Asia are emerging as possible alternative destinations for the sector. In citrus, the company is mainly limited to the European market.

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