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China is interested in the Spanish kiwi

Aunque el mercado nacional sigue siendo prioritario para la firma Kiwi Atlántico, su gerente, José Carlos Vila nos anuncia en esta entrevista, los avances que están teniendo en mercados como el chino, donde se hace más necesario lograr protocolos para la exportación directa.


Spanish consumers value the proximity of the production area, each day more. Have you noticed this trend?

Of course, last years, either the retailer markets or the big distribution companies support much more the national product. This has allowed us to keep growing. In fact, the last season we closed with a 10% of increase in both traded volume and invoicing. We can say we are within an upward stage and we are slowly recovering the productive volume we lost in 2010 when the appearance of bacteria affected the kiwi worldwide and lessened the old cultivations being necessary to replant almost all of them.

Regarding this season starting, what are your forecasts? 

We have good perspectives. The organoleptic quality of kiwi is excellent because summer has been soft in temperatures and with few rains, making that product has its better features. Besides, the European production is still low and at worldwide level the consumption rises, so there won ́t be excess of supply. Sales should be positive and allow producers to enhance their profitability on prices, despite them not being able to recover the regular production level. This is necessary to happen in order that they can continue farming without trouble.

Last year you commented us the challenge of the exportation for Kiwi atlántico, mainly the asian market. How is this business line progressing?

This is a long-term project, because Spain doesn’t count on a protocol for the kiwi exportation to those destinations and we are obliged to forward from other countries. However, we still consider this market as a very interesting one. In this regard, we have recently received visits from potential Chinese clients willing to communicate to the competent authority the necessity for speeding up protocols to be able to import directly our product in their country. They are very interested because the quality tests they made pass the other countries’ by far. Nonetheless, Spain remains as our main market.

One year after the agreement with Central dica to market in Mercabarna with exclusivity, what is your evaluation of this project?

The process has been slow but it has allowed meeting each other better. This year we will increase our collaboration and our foresights are good. Regarding our presence in other central markets we must remark that we already have our own facilities in Mercamadrid with cold storages to offer a daily service to our clients at national level and with minimum stock.

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