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Checkers bet on the beefriendly value and sustainability of Tango Fruit. EUROSEMILLAS

La cadena de distribución sudafricana extenderá a otros 14 países del continente este acuerdo.


The value of sustainability associated to Tango Fruit is already a recognized fact. The leading South African chain, Checkers, has valued the message in favour of the pollination implied by this variety and has placed this brand as its premium product for the citrus category. The promotion of Tango Fruit, exhibited through publicity corners and with distinctive packaging, has been maintained during a semester in 250 sale points in this country and will soon be expanded with new formats. The reply of consumers has been such that, in the medium term, and this time through the matrix of this chain Shoprite-Checkers -with more than 4.000 sale points-, they have opted to extend and gradually develop this action in other 14 countries of the African continent. In the USA, thanks to important joint ventures with large local operators, or even in China, there are already supply programs and promotions of similar nature.

Cyberagrópolis develops the most complete control program in the market

The company responsible for the promotion, certification and control of Tango / Tang Gold – Cyberagópolis – plans to take up to 40.000 samples of the field, in the facilities of authorized labellers and, above all, in European sale points to check the authenticity of this tangerine. Materials – leaves or fruits – will be subjected to tests by molecular markers to ensure clearly whether they are treated or not, through an independent laboratory of the Higher Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC). This volume of tests, together with the 1.500 audits that will be carried out in the three links of the chain, as well as the design of unique labels to guarantee traceability, make this varietal certification system the most complete in the market.

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