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Campo de Lorca will grow by 20% bio

La firma líder en producción de brócoli cuenta con un programa a tres años para crecer en ecológico y apuesta en mayor medida por la coliflor.


The First of all, with its bio brand, Brosa, Campo de Lorca makes a big effort and, in this season, it starts a three-year project to increase its ecological production by up to 20%. “This year we began the process of reconversion of broccoli farms and we hope to do it in the rest of the products,” explains Juan Marín, Field Manager of Lorca.
The second area, the company is growing sustainably in the cultivation of cauliflower also with a three-year program, thanks to the introduction of new varieties. “We covered 52 weeks with a great quality, with an attractive, smaller and snow-white product that is conquering the markets,” says Marín.

Finally, Campo de Lorca is immersed in giving answer to current trends in packaging with a biopadding project as an alternative to plastic. It is a material that decomposes as the fresh product does, an innovation for which they bet to go in line with its sustainability policy.

The company expects to obtain water footprint certification to demonstrate its efficiency with this resource and, once again, its comprehensive commitment to the environment.
In addition to these main development areas, they continue to work on promoting novelties that they introduced into their catalogue a short time ago, with samples such as the romanescu, and the kale, which already offers the twelve months a year.

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