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Bollo, another way to position melon

El melón Bollo acaba de ser reconocido como “Sabor del Año 2017”, una distinción que llega después de años de trabajo y esfuerzo, mostrando que existe otra forma de producir y comercializar esta fruta.


Bollo’s position as prestige brand today, not only in Spain but also beyond our borders, is not random. Under this banner march values such as seriousness, work, effort and perseverance. But above them all, there is FLAVOUR, in capitals. Not in vain, they have just been awarded the ‘Flavour of the year 2017’ acknowledgement for their Bollo Etiqueta Negra melon (Black Label). This acknowledgement is a quality label for the food industry, solely based on the product’s flavour, which are tasted and tasted by consumers themselves. ‘It is a honour and responsibility for us’, as proudly described José Vercher, Bollo General Director at Fruit Logistica.
Being fair to consumers, distributors, and producers is also a motto for Bollo. ‘We give it all every day to offer the best product and meet the expectations of every link in the value chain. For that reason, we do not hesitate when it comes to discard a melon, watermelon, orange or mandarin if it is not good enough. And there is no problem about that. We are not trying to find an alternate way’, he explained. Vercher considers this work philosophy is somehow what allows the sector to be evolving. ‘The same we did by implementing further production control, we are now proving that a different way of marketing is possible’, he added.

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