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Methods that look for a natural fruit in harmony with the resources

No solo las grandes cooperativas se preocupan por el desarrollo sostenible de la región, sino que también las pequeñas empresas como Tasemar contribuyen a ello con numerosas iniciativas respetuosas con el medio ambiente.


If there is something that characterizes this family business, located in Rociana del Condado (Huelva), is its specialization. Since the 1970s, three generations have been working to offer top quality fruit to their customers throughout the season. It is their great differentiating asset, in addition to the personalized service they offer.

For this, they carry out different practices that help to obtain a fruit as tasty and natural as possible. An example of this is the biological control they have been applying to their crops for decades, as well as the commitment to more natural fertilization and post-harvest conservation products. This is part of a new trend that they are developing, the zero-waste policy, although they do not have any certification by now. Also, the fact that they manipulate directly in the field, leads to a reduction in the environmental impact due to the transportation and energy savings in the plant that it entails.

It is a sign of the commitment that the firm maintains in the environmental area, where they also carry out responsible water management. To all this concern for resources is added a presentation that is consistent with respect for nature. “We only have plastic films that cover certain boxes and even some formats do not have anything”, they say. In this sense, they are specialists in the commercialization of its main format, the one kilo wooden box of strawberry, whose main destination is France, and its other formats of 500 grams are also more sustainable materials such as cardboard.


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