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Varietal renovation as a key for success. BLUE WHALE

Blue Whale continúa su diferenciación en los mercados con el lanzamiento de tres nuevas variedades: Novablue, Liliblue y Fuji primer, que se unen a la extensa gama de la firma francesa.


If there is something this company is well-known for is its permanent renovation. Since five years ago, the apples’ supply of the French firm has grown exponentially thanks to the development and evolution of the field and to the introduction of the new varietal clones for Pink Lady, Gala, Fuji and Golden apples. The goal is to get apples with an appealing color for the consumer, “but at the same time it keeps the initital qualities related to the flavor”, admits the Blue Whale’s sales director, Marc Peyres.

Inside this line of differentiation the brand has released three exclusive varieties to the market: Novablue®, Liliblue® and Fuji primer®. This last one can be recognized for a clone developed for Blue Whale and stands out for its precocity and exceptional taste qualities from the moment of harvesting on. On the other hand, Liliblue® is a Fuji kind with smooth skin and with much color allocated to the segment of the qualitative market. Other of the novelties, Novablue, with 100%-French origin is the reddest one of the Gala apples: tasty, crunchy, sweet, and with a great flavor and an exceptional firmness for a good maintenance.


What challenges do you set for the nearest future? “Our main challenge for the next campaign is to consolidate this new line of own brands and to continue developing the Pink Lady sales, an important product to us. The other challenge is the development of the Joya® variety, whose volume is going to be increasingly meaningful.

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