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R & D: a strategic focus in garlic

Antonio González Rosa, Director general de PROACO.


In PROACO, a Spanish company that produces and sells garlic with an annual production volume of more than 10.000 tons, we have consolidated our commitment to R & D in recent years in order to improve competitiveness, both in the increase of quality of our products as in the production process.
We face, this way, two of the big challenges that are currently presented to agri-food organizations. On the one hand, we will stay on the trend of digitalization. On the other hand, we must be organized for the new business models, which are mainly located abroad (exports exceed 70%), and we also must be prepared to respond to the growing social and environmental demands of consumers.
Thus, in PROACO we are involved in processes of continuous improvement and product innovation and through which we support a sustainable and profitable business model. Within this vision is the marketing of our certified Spanish garlic, starting from our agricultural division and organic production, and through the optimization of post-harvest processes.
The most recent projects in which we have invested in PROACO are, obtaining virus-free garlic seed, through collaboration with the University of Madrid, as well as the development of a new product that will boost the commercialization of purple garlic from Spain through a novel and attractive format of packaging. In the same line, in 2017 we undertook the most ambitious environmental measure in our history through a self-supply energy project through the installation of photovoltaic modules.
In conclusion, to those organizations that want to look to the future with decision, and PROACO is one of them, innovation has become something more than an option. It represents a need that must be included in the strategic direction and that not only guarantees a sustainable development, but also a source of improvement in competitiveness.


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