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“The kaki begins to have an overproduction problem”. ONUBAFRUIT

Visitamos Cobella, cooperativa socia de Onubafruit, en el municipio de Lepe (Huelva) para conocer la evolución de la campaña de esta fruta que, de momento, ha comenzado con buenos precios.


Onubafruit markets around 8 million kilos of kaki per year, that are grown by farmers of Cobella and Cartayfres, two of its
cooperative members. To discuss the beginning of the campaign, we spent an afternoon with José Manuel Martín, producer of Cobella and owner of 5 hectares of this crop in Lepe and Villablanca. Although the last season had a positive end, he warns that there is already a kaki overproduction in the markets, even with an exportation that continues to grow in countries such as Germany, the main destination for Onubafruit, England, France, Eastern Europe or China. The production is
really gathered in 3-4 months, which means very little time for its commercialization. This year, the weather has marked the campaign again. The rough weather in Valencia and a lower production in the market have helped to improve prices. In addition, in Huelva, the November rains have not affected the kakis. The sizes are being great, and the fruits have quality.

Adrián Giráldez, Production Manager of Cobella, explains us in the cooperative the process in the kaki warehouse. The
product reaches the warehouse properly identified with the farm to which it belongs, also its plot and farmer to ensure its traceability. Then, the Quality Department reviews the samples to confirm that the minimum requirements for size or humidity are met. Later, the kaki is cleaned and polished, and gets packed according to the destination format and, once made, the process begins to remove the astringency in order to make the product reach consumers with its best flavour.

Cobella markets around 3.8 million kilos each campaign. In addition, they work on materials that allow them to extend the campaign, starting it in September and extending it until well into January.

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