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El Dulze continues to climb positions with its brand-name lettuce

La empresa continúa buscando innovaciones de producto en fresco tras el éxito de la lechuga snack y las verduras asiáticas.


El Dulze has shown that it is possible to brand a lettuce and innovate with fresh vegetables without entering the fourth range and maintaining an unstoppable rate of growth thanks to its strong commitment to export. This is demonstrated by the success of its last two launches in the market: snack lettuce and Asian vegetables. That is why the firm continues looking for innovations together with the seed houses. As a result of this strategy, the company increased its incomes by 16% last year, and the last 5 years has not fallen the two-digit growth figure.

José Carlos Gómez, executive director of El Dulze, believes that the fourth range is the great competitor of a fresh product such as lettuce, its company flagship with 70% of sales. “The increase of the fourth range is undoubted, but we have always trusted a consumer who wants a more natural product that can be prepared at home”. As an advantage, he says, its range brings more freshness and useful life.

But the great contribution of the company is to make brand with commodities such as lettuce or carrots. “We have always been branders, and you have to adapt the brand of a traditional product to the consumer”. The innovation of the company goes through both new products and fresh formats, and also through the search for new varieties that are developed with different seed houses. The success of El Dulze, according to its executive manager, is that it controls the entire process.


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